#FideLeon Lune De Miel // Part 03 - Road Tripping to The Cotswold, South Central England!

Sunday, February 01, 2015


Wheeee this is part 03 of #FideLeonLuneDeMiel! :)

Part 01 - London  - Village East, Christmas Markets + Circus at Winter Wonderland
Part 02 - London - Drugstore beauty hauls, National History Museum

 ★ VLOG Day 03 - Road trip to Warwick Castle!

Leon woke up bright and early at 7+ to prepare and head out to Thrifty to pick up out rented car (we booked and paid for the car before our trip online) for the next 3 days, we're heading to the english countryside to have a break from the city! :D

Slept in a little and woke up to prepare and do some last minute packing while waiting for leon to return with the car, ahhh i love love love these Frosty Fancies! 

It's white cake + fondant icing, regret to the max we didn't buy more because I guess it a product of UK and we couldn't find it in italy/switzerland/france in the later part of our honeymoon, ahhhh anybody can send me a couple boxes of these? hahah

Loving the hair colour + cut done for #FideLeonWedding by @CloverHairBoutique
Wearing Rimmel Apocalips in Meteoric Matte, loving it and I was pretty much wearing this colour on my lips the whole time on the honeymoon. Just the peeeeerfect winter lip shade for me.

Our airbnb host Sarah was so sweet to help us with our luggage! Hahaha our backseat/boot space is totally packed with our luggages and coats etc no space for nobody to sit behind la.

Why is my breakfast smiling back at me? (:

Paid for parking (super lay chey) but we didn't realize that there's a teenie weenie board at the sidewalk saying it's parking limited to residents so we came back to the car after lunch and found that we were slapped with a whooping 130 pounds (SGD260) fine! 

FML the parking here is.. 

Roadtrippin' with lots of snacks! 
Omg does anyone remember these? It seems like i cant find this in SG anymore!

We're headed to Warwick Castle and it's about 1.5hours away i think? Lucky me, i get to snack and zZz snooze a little but leon was driving the whole time for the entire 3 days hehe

Woke up from my nap and saw my greedy hubbay driving and snacking nonstop:

Look at how much snacks he has waiting for him to eat, like right beside him!
After god knows how long, we've finally reached Warwick Castle. 
Cold cold cooooold day, freezing and my nose my dripping nonstop haha

お帰りなさい Okaerinasai!
Welcome to #Warwick Castle! Haha it's just crazy how oooooold these castle are? Like seriously? Since the 900s? That's just simply unreal to me esp since we came from somewhere with only like 50 odd years of history hahaha..  
Yo butler, take my specs and polish it till it sparkles, K? 
The castle was taken over by madam Tussuad so there were plenty of wax figures of the previous inhabitants of the castle quite creepy but I like that they used it to tell the stories of the inhabitants of the castle, very interesting! 

Lol this servant's bathroom was pretty creepy! They were reenacting the whole scene with sounds of running water and the servant was saying something yadda yadda i can't remember.

I want a lounge chair like this in my living room next time too! Haha but instead of the crazy wall to wall filled books I'll just have one kindle reader.  

Medieval bitches, bitching in their luxury lounge chairs.
Really gorgeous glass stain windows, i really wonder how to they maintain all these..

Crazy grand dining hall!

The best part of our trip to #Warwick Castle was probably the Castle Dungeon experience! Haha it was really funny but at the same time made me jump outta my bones a couple time too
Apparently we were a little lost to the Bird of Prey show and we were trying to find our way in the coooooold 

What the HOOT?! 
Lol go watch the vlog at the top of this post, Ernie the owl was so funny and purposely misbehaving! 

Really enjoyed Warwick castle and i think it was be even better if it was Spring/Summer when it wasn't so cold- they offer glamping at Warwick castle which seems really fun but super expensive!! 
★Warwick Castle
Ticket price: £14.40 online 
 Felt like I was in a ghost story while driving in this fog from Warwick castle to our B&B in #ChippingCampden and this was freaking 4pm and it was all dark out by 430pm!

Here's our mini rented ford for our mini road trip, finally reached our inn for the night at Chipping Campden which was 40mins to an hour away from Warwick i think? This was taken the next morning haha by the time we reached it was totally dark out already.
Lazy to lug out 3 luggage since we're only staying for one night so luckily we packed all our essentials + a change of clothes for the next day in our mini luggage so we just had to bring that in for the night. 

 Cute little inn with a wonderful lively bar with some interesting craft beers, I had a fruity cider and we had the fish and chips for dinner and it was SO good, no idea why kids complain so much about green peas, even their green peas somehow taste nicer, the fries was so frigging fat and just ahh.. it was a perfect meal. mmmm
This was the night we received our edited full day highlights wedding video from Forever Films (blogged about them a couple entries ago with our wedding video) so obviously we were super shocked to receive it so quickly! Like 4-5 days since the wedding only la! Awesome. 
 Eight Bells Inn

Went to walk around Chipping Campden and we found the the tearoom at The Kings Hotel was still serving scones and cream teas at 5pm, not afternoon already but we still want our share of afternoon tea! 

Got a comfy seat near the fireplace, ahhh the warmth and the sound of crackling fireplace.. (:

hehehe i feel so lucky that my hubbay enjoys a good scone with a pot of nice fruity tea like me!
Ahh cheese platter! We were definitely going on a cheese craze phrase then. 
Everyday it's a different kind of cheese.

The Kings Hotel
♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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